Recycled fabrics with RCS certificate

Recycled Claim Standard

Our company focuses on innovation and ecological solutions. We are constantly developing, and recently our offer includes high-quality fabrics and knitted fabrics made of recycled yarn. This type of textile product is fully environmentally friendly, as it directly contributes to reducing the amount of waste in our environment. Recycling yarns are fully manufactured from recycled PET plastic bottles. Importantly, all recycling fabrics in our warehouse offer have the international RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) certificate. This means that they meet the highest international criteria for obtaining recycled material. Our recycling fabrics also carry the European EU Ecolabel. This is a confirmation of both the highest quality of the product and the fact that the product is environmentally friendly. Importantly, this marking is also visible to the final consumer, and this is certainly an added value that facilitates making an informed choice.


Our team responds to the expectations of consumers

We go with the times, and our company wants to offer the highest quality and modern textile products. All fabrics made of recycled yarn come from a reputable manufacturer. Did you know that every running meter of fabric made from recycled yarn is as many as 32 bottles recovered from recycling? Importantly, this type of fabric has similar technical and functional parameters in relation to non-recycled products. This has been confirmed by numerous studies and tests that took into account such parameters as: breaking strength, surface mass, water resistance, water resistance and elongation at break. We want to make our customers and business partners aware that recycling fabrics do not differ from the standards and quality, and additionally help to care for our planet. Our offer includes a wide range of recycled fabrics and knitted fabrics, which are certainly the most important development direction in the textile industry.

What kind of recycled fabrics do we offer?

Modern fabrics made of recycled yarn have an extremely wide range of applications. Our assortment includes textile materials for various purposes. These are, among others, anti-electrostatic, waterproof and waterproof fabrics for children, fabrics for sewing tents and umbrellas, as well as anti-electrostatic and extremely durable fabrics for the production of upholstered furniture. We also offer recycled knitted fabrics that are perfect for the production of sports and image clothing. All recycled fabrics come in a variety of colors. Rich design, durability and added value expressed by concern for the natural environment are the hallmarks of our upholstered fabrics. The JUWAL company moves with the times and focuses on modern solutions that are additionally friendly to our planet.

Choose innovation and ask about a wide range of recycled fabrics from a reputable manufacturer.